About Me:


Hi , I’m Evelyne, 42 years and from Europe (Belgium), based in Cape Town South Africa.


When i moved to Cape Town 2 years ago, I wanted to focus exclusively on decorating my house and transform it to a B&B, which was already on my bucket list for several years.


I still have a lot of work to do such as learning to approve my English, do a some finishing decoration in  the house (since I’m doing it myself with my sweet husband).

So  I started to follow blogs, Pinterest & Instagram to get inspired by new ideas about  fashion decorating and beauty.

Since there is a lot more sunshine here than in Europe, I had to change  my wardrobe and furniture from most of the year winter to yes yes yes  most of the time summer!

On my blog I will often post about my new life and the things that I do here, keep you posted about all the renovations, my new decoration and where to find nice  furniture shops.

I will from this month on, start to post more of my favorite outfits and designers , which I didn't do a lot when I started this blog, because I was to busy renovating. Honestly, I also had to find my way to dress after my  40's ( you know "the questions": short skirts, sexy blouses still possible or not )  , so please keep posted for more fashion inspiration.

Thank you so much for stopping by and spending time here on my blog with me,

Love Evelyne

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